Fabolous Fashion: Introducing Hip-Hop’s New Fashion Ambassador


Handpicked to be the men’s ambassador of New York Fashion Week, NYC native, Fabolous, gives some insight into his accessories style.

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 New York City born-and-bred rapper, Fabolous, prides himself of keeping his style pretty neat at all times. Even though he enjoys attending fashion shows, he’s well aware that he needs to keep it fresh and clean at all times. After all, it’s that diamond Rolex-caliber of style of his that got him tapped to be the men’s fashion ambassador of the fall 2017 season of New York Fashion Week. The MC is always on social media promoting his music and fashion faves to his fans, which is why it made sense for the Council of Fashion Designers of America to ask him to be a part of the festivities. Having attended both men’s and women’s shows in the past, Fab has a pretty great sense about what accessories men and women complement a collection’s looks. Being this season’s men’s fashion ambassador is the perfect way for him to check out and hook up with the new designers, as well as strengthen his connection with the designers that he’s worked with in the past.

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Raf Simons and Tim Coppens are two designers that come to the rappers mind when he thinks of what’s fresh and new for style enthusiasts. Raf, in particular, caught Fabolous’ eye because of the anticipation behind his fall 2017 menswear collection that debuted earlier this month. The rapper mentally thought of a men’s gold watch to pair with several looks from both collections that he’s interested in buying from his favorite accessories shop. He knows that all eyes will be on him along with the bright spotlight the next time that he steps out with it on his wrist so he wants to make sure that he makes the right choice in watches for men. This should come as no surprise since Fab has always cared about the way that he presented himself, which, in turn, helped him propel himself into stardom as one of the hottest rappers in the last 20 years. His ability to switch up his style from high fashion to streetwear has earned him plenty of friends in the music game and the fashion industry.



One of the perks of being the men’s ambassador of NYFW is Fab getting those automatic front row invites to the hottest shows of the season, which he definitely plans on using to his advantage by promoting his new projects: a new solo album and a collaboration project with fellow New York MC, Jadakiss, called Freddy vs. Jason after the famous horror flick. Fabolous is confident that both his music fans and admirers of his style will love both, as both of those talents will be on full display just like the earrings for men that he loves to pair along with his hip-hop gear. Ultimately, he wants to make sure that his social media followers will be able to come along for the hectic ride during New York Fashion Week. Whether they are logging into Twitter, following him on Snapchat, or checking for him on Instagram, they’ll be able to see him flossing alongside the hottest fashionistas in the game this month. Not only is this the best time to follow the rapper from show to show, it’s also a great way to peep his men’s luxury watches swagger. Now, that’s a blinged-out accessories look that’s really good.



February 16, 2017

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