Rock That A-List Rapper Swagger In Our Men’s Gold Chains

 Gold Mariner Chain

The best way to make a cool first impression? Sporting a real gold chain like your favorite rapper.


Friday night at the club in a T-shirt and jeans. If that out sounds basic to you, imagine how it’ll look on you without a gold chain with cross to add some swagger to it? Instead of relying on those same old threads to wear whenever you hang out with the fellas, upgrade your wardrobe with a Franco chain that will make your look stand out. Hip hop gold chains always have that special way of making the most understated outfits look cool, which is why so many of your favorite rappers rock them everywhere from the red carpet to the stage. Before you dismiss wearing a gold chain with pendant as the antidote to a boring wardrobe, check out how today’s rappers complement their style with 14k gold chains that match their A-list swag for inspiration.



Take rapper and producer, Future, for example. Even though he is best known for his affinity for hats that complement his locs, he also has a liking to slim fit white button-down shirts and white tees that complement his svelte frame. The contrast between his natural hair and his Euro designer duds makes for a fascinating fashion statement that is accentuated by his gold chains. Whether he chooses to war 14kt gold chains with his red carpet looks or a gold chain with pendant on stage during a performance, he makes sure that he always looks fresh and clean from head to toe. See to it that you pull that same streetwear style with a mariner chain the next time you want to wear a classic button-down shirt and slim fit slacks.


On the other hand, if you’re a tall dude that is looking for a way to make his laidback style look cool, look no further than the perpetually cool Wiz Khalifa. Known for his chill sense of style, he has a way of wearing skinny jeans with a curb chain on top of his loose shirt that would normally look disheveled on someone else. Thanks to him knowing what works best on his slender frame, he makes casual cool hip-hop style look absolutely easy. Adopt those same style savvy ways by rocking your baseball jacket and jeans with a herringbone chain that’ll set your everyday style apart from everyone else in men’s gold chains.


In the last ten years since Drake has been in the public eye, he’s dressed like the antithesis of hip hop gold chains obsessed rappers. Rocking big turtleneck sweaters, puffy jackets, and thick-framed glasses has worked incredibly well in establishing him as one of the most relatable rappers on the scene. Aside from a dog tag chain here and there, the rapper known as Drizzy isn’t known for wearing ostentatious diamond jewelry like that. Instead of reinventing the wheel with your style, let him inspire your Normcore style by complementing it with a simple Figaro chain that you’ll definitely be able to wear for years to come.

Gold Rope Chain

Whether you want to floss in real gold chains for cheap or break out a Cuban link chain for special occasions, know that you’ll be able to pull off that top-notch swagger with one that’ll make you look as put together as your favorite rapper. The difference between you at the club on a Friday night with your regular threads and you hanging there in a real gold chain is exactly what will upgrade how you’re seen up in there. Don’t play yourself by getting a rope chain that doesn’t match your taste, invest in a gold chain with cross that’ll make you feel as lit as Rae Sremmurd were at The Game Awards.



February 21, 2017

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