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Posted on November 20 2017

                                                                 Gold Chain Info graphic


Ever want to buy some jewelry but have no idea where to start? You google gold chains and a plethora of options come up. It can be quite overwhelming with the endless choices that you are offered. Which style do you go for? How do you wear it? Do you go for 10K gold chains or 14K gold chains? What about hollow or solid? What is the difference? These are most likely just a couple of the questions that run across your mind when you are looking into buying jewelry especially men’s jewelry. Let FrostNYC provide some clarity and guide you to make the right purchase for you.

 The first thing you want to decide is do you want 10K or 14K? Unlike popular belief there is no visual differences between the two. The only difference that you will find will be in the purity of the gold. Now we all know that 24K is the highest gold purity you will find as it is 100% gold, but pure gold is a very soft metal by nature. So this is where 10K and 14K come in; 10K is 41.7% gold purity and 14K is 58.3% gold purity. What is this purity you  may ask… well it is how much gold is in the actual jewelry. The gold used in jewelry is always mixed with other metals in order to give it strength. Do not confuse this with gold plated, gold plated items are normally silver or some other metal that is dipped in gold so there is an overlay. Real 10K or 14K gold items will not tarnish and you will be able to wear them in water and pretty much through anything without it being affected.

 Now that we have purity out of the way the next step is to figure out the difference between hollow and solid.

Hollow basically means that the link is a gold shell, the link itself is hollow on the inside. Since the link is hollow it weighs less which means that it is less expensive than a solid. What that means is you can get a bigger chain or bracelet for a lower price. Essentially it is a bigger bang for your buck. Hollow chains are good for those who are just starting out and their main focus is on size instead of weight.

 A solid link is exactly that; a solid gold link. Solid links tend to be heavier and more condensed. It will also be more expensive as it has a higher weight. Solid links are good for those who want to feel their jewelry and know that it’s there. Solid links also tend to be very resilient and long lasting. These links are not made for the weak!

 So we now know the difference between hollow and solid; let's dive right into style. We offer a variety of styles that you may chose from. Let’s take a quick view at each one.

 Cuban Link Chains

 The cuban link is one of the most popular styles around. It is also known as the curb link due to its flat smooth wider spaced out appearance. This can offer a very subtle yet classy look and is great for everyday wear. This type of link also tends to lay flat on the body and can be a great choice for those who are going for a more polished conservative look.

This link is also available in Diamond Cut which is when flat diamond shaped cuts are done to the link which provide the link with more brilliance. A lot of the time a Diamond Cut chain will also be two toned which means it will have both yellow and white gold.

 Miami Cuban Link Chains

The Miami Cuban lInk is similar to the Cuban Link, the only difference is that it is a more rounder tighter link with very little space in between. It has a more braided look and is heavier in weight. This look is also very popular and is one of the trending looks used in the Hip Hop community. You will see many artists wearing this style as it’s a very eye catching chain and is guaranteed to attract lots of attention. Whether you decide to wear it thick or thin, you can’t go wrong with this one! Paired with a pendant it makes for a great statement piece.

 Rope Chain

Want something that never goes out of style? A rope chain is the one for you! This style brings it back old school. How can you go wrong with a classic? You can’t… This is exactly what the Rope offers, the Rope is a chain that consist of small links fastened together to make a rope pattern. This chain is normally paired with a pendant, but can also be worn on its own in a thicker fashion. The Rope chain is an 80s staple also known as the “Dookie” chain it was made popular by many of our favorite Rap artists such as Biz Markie, Run DMC and Slick Rick just to name a few.

 Franco Link Chain

The Franco chain is the Italian version of a Miami Cuban Link chain. It was designed to be a flexible but sturdy chain that will never tangle. It is the perfect chain to compliment a heavy pendant due to its 4 sided design, it can hold a good amount of weight. This is a more recent design and can be worn thick with a nice big piece or for a more conventional look you can wear it in a thinner width. Regardless of how you style it, it will be a great addition to your collection!

 Figaro Link Chain

 The Figaro chain can be recognized by its unique pattern of 3 small circular links and then 1 larger oval link. This pattern also originated from Italian jewelry designers and was actually inspired by 2 major operas; The Barber of Seville and The Marriage of Figaro which both main characters were named Figaro, hence why the link is called Figaro. This is a very sophisticated style and provides a very streamlined appearance. The link is normally worn with a Medallion or a Cross.

 Herringbone Chain

The Herringbone chain is a very intricate link, this style has been around since the time of ancient Egypt and was worn by the Pharaohs.The herringbone is a very flexible flat chain that is made up of small thin v shaped links which give it it’s smooth appearance. It is very comfortable as it lays flat on the body and due to its flexibility is able to move with the body. One of Hip Hop's greatest rappers Tupac was a huge fan and can be seen rocking out the chain. The gold chain for men can be styled by layering it with other chains or as a simple statement piece. Regardless of how you wear it, it is sure to bring attention.


Dog Tag Link Chain

The Dog Tag Link Chain first appeared when it was used in conjunction with dog tags for military personnel. The link provides to be tough and long lasting due to its ball and link structure. It was first used to identify soldiers on the battlefield. It is normally worn with a dog tag pendant to give that tough look, but it can also be worn with any pendant of your choice. This style is normally worn to give off that rugged don’t mess with me vibe.

Mariner Link Chain

The Mariner link also known as an Anchor link resembles the chain of an anchor. This link is a traditional link and that comes with a slightly rounded edge and bar through the middle. It is a very popular link for those going with a nautical theme. It is also one of the most popular mens gold bracelet links used in ID bracelets.

Gucci Link Chain

The Gucci link which is also known as the puff link is a variation of the Mariner. The links are the same style except it has a puffed appearance. These links normally come hollow and were made popular by Pharrell. This link is very unisex and gender neutral. The fluidity that this link provides makes it appealing to almost everyone and can goes great with any outfit. 

Byzantine Link Chain

One of the  most intricate designed chains you can come across is most likely the Byzantine Chain. Little known fact is the Byzantine is actually a variation of the box chain. Unlike the box chain where the links are in a constant direction, the Byzantine goes in an alternate direction. This link is considered a 4 in one link as each link must pass 4 others in order to move on to the next. This gives it a complexity that can be appreciated. Due to this, it is also very resilient link that not only provides flexibility but is also supple and create a distinguished draping look around the neck. If you are in the market for something that is unique and out of the ordinary then this one is for you!


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