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For men everywhere who hate to shop, has Frost NYC got a new accessories styling service for you!


We know that you love it when people do things for you--especially shopping. After all, what’s the fun with swimming through crowds and waiting on long lines for the best men’s watches in the store? That doesn’t make for an enjoyable experience, which is why we at Frost NYC understand just why men would rather stay home than to spend their valuable time in a crowded accessories shop. It is with this in mind that we decided to launch our jewelry styling service for men who either don’t have the time to shop or just aren’t confident enough in their taste to try to shop for themselves. We understand that buying jewelry can be quite overwhelming for even the most organized guy, so why not let our jewelry styling team do the heavy lifting for you.

 Diamond Rolex

 We’re sure you’re wondering just what an accessories store styling service can do that is worth you paying for. Well, we’re here to tell you that our online team is here to help you choose the best watches for men, whether you’re a high-powered stockbroker on Wall Street without much time to find the perfect piece or an understated college professor who simply wants polished jewelry that he can attend his weekly meetings with. The first thing that we do is determine where your taste lies, which we find has plenty to do with the lifestyle that you lead. For a man that appreciates men’s watches brands, a diamond Rolex would be the ultimate accessory for him to invest in. Our team will ensure that you invest in the right timepiece so that you will be able to cherish it for years to come.



If you’re worried about being bombarded with 200 questions only to receive a boring jewelry piece, you needn’t fear because we’ll make sure that we’ll find one that fits your taste. After asking you which metals and stones you prefer to see on your jewelry, we’ll gladly choose one of our earrings for men that appeals to you. You’ll always receive an exclusively designed pair that is unlike what you’ll find on other hip hop jewelry websites because we’ll walk you step by step through choosing the best price points, genuine diamonds, and gold hue to complement your style. We’ll also give you the option to build your jewelry selection from there, should you decide that you’re interested in adding one of our men’s watches for sale to your collection. Most importantly, our team of jewelry stylists are extremely patient when it comes to helping you choose your best bling, so please feel free to ask us any questions or voice any concerns and we will do our best to alleviate them.

Diamond Earrings For Men

The overall value of using Frost NYC’s shopping service is simple: you get the hip-hop jewelry that you need to complement your wardrobe. Whether you need a men’s gold watch or several chain necklace, every single jewelry stylist of ours will provide you with the kind of personalized attention that will make shopping as easy as picking out a pair of socks to wear. The only commitment that you’ll ever have to make is whether you’d rather keep the jewelry that we’ve helped you choose or return it through our return policy. We’d like to think of ourselves as the kind of people that like to do things for you while giving you a new lease on your shopping life.


March 06, 2017

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