Slay A Bit: Flaunt Your Ladies’ Jewelry With Your Favorite Dress


Floss in women’s fashion jewelry that’ll complement that stunning dress that is made just for you.


Picture this: it’s Saturday evening and you’re not sure what to wear with your favorite dress. Sure, you could do without a rose gold watch, but what’s the fun of rocking a beautiful dress if you miss out on the perfect accessory to complement it with? Don’t sell your style short by passing on wearing one of those women’s jewelry necklaces. Take no prisoners by stepping out with one of those engagement rings from Frost NYC that’ll ensure that all eyes will be on you. If you aren’t sure about what jewelry piece will go best with your dress, let Frost NYC show you how to flaunt your look with the best bling that your money can buy.

Gold Hoop EarringsSay that your dress of choice had a straight and strapless neckline. You’re going to want to make a statement in gold hoop earrings that complement your look splendidly. Granted, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what jewelry you should wear with a clean, straight-across neckline, but there’s just something a pair of scalloped hoop earrings that takes your Saturday night swagger to another level. As long as you feel comfortable in the ones that you wear, you should be good.

Rose Gold Watch

On the other hand, if your MO is to wear a square neckline dress, you can’t go wrong with a ladies’ gold watch. Since a square neckline naturally complements your chest, you’re going to want to pair your look with an accessory that enhances it effortlessly. Enter one of our women’s luxury watches, which is a great counterpart to the rose gold statement necklace that you’ve been meaning to wear. Believe us when we say that all eyes will be one you once everyone spies the one-two punch that is your going-out ensemble.


Since off-the-shoulder dresses came back in a major way, lots of women are flaunting their every chance they can get. While they’d pair theirs with a 90s-era choker to achieve that throwback effect, do things a little differently by leaving your neckline bare in favor of bling on your finger. Choose one of our beautiful white gold engagement rings like a halo diamond ring so that you can add a classy element to your Saturday night style that will set your look apart from the rest.


Another excuse to wear all ladies earrings are when you’ve got a scoop neck dress in mind to wear for your Saturday night fun. Its traditional and feminine style is great for the chick that believes in keeping things low-key at all times. We think that our yellow gold stud earrings are a great complement to that style of dress because it never overpowers the clean silhouette of your dress. Classic pumps and a simple ‘do are enough for you to look polished from head to toe.


If you’re one of those chicks that has no qualms about slaying in a plunging V-neck dress, then you’ll need a jewelry piece that is bold enough to stand up to your daring style statement yet understated enough to not overpower your look. Yellow gold engagement rings like our solitaire rock is a fantastic option because it does a great job in adding sparkle to your style without clashing with the grown and sexy impression that you want to pull off.


Though we’ve given you a few suggestions on what ice to rock with your favorite dress, we’ve got plenty of other options of what you can pair it with at Frost NYC. Whether you’ve got a taste for women’s designer watches to wear with your sweetheart neckline dress or are in the mood to wear one of our rose gold engagement rings with your halter dress, the last thing that you’ll be is overlooked on a Saturday. You’ll discover that our website offers plenty of luxury options that are befitting of a fab chick like yourself.


March 06, 2017

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