Are Men’s Rings Poised To Shake Up The Hip-Hop Jewelry Industry?


Following a big spike in men’s diamond wedding ring sales, industry experts are wondering whether they will shape the future of street style jewelry.


When hip-hop jewelry first staked its claim in the e-commerce space, there were skeptical reactions from longtime insiders who couldn’t conceive how it would compete with successful fine jewelry websites. Despite it earning millions of dollars in annual revenue for years, they often brushed aside popular sellers such as the ruby ring as a result of the latest fashion fad. However, even the most seasoned of jewelry industry experts were compelled to change their point of view when they saw the men’s solitaire diamond rings from Frost NYC sell incredibly well over the holiday season. Curious to see what the street style jewelry site’s secret was in breaking through the diamond-studded ceiling, both the jewelry industry and the web media decided to investigate just why rings for men have been making such an incredible impact.
Gold Pinky Ring


The first thing that they discovered is that Frost NYC wasn’t merely marketing to lovers of men’s diamond pinky rings such as a gold pinky ring from their best-selling collection. Rather, they were also catering to men who shopped for luxury apparel as a means of bridging the gap between those that would purchase a Hugo Boss suit and those that would want to wear it with a gold nugget ring. Instead of seeing high-end clothing companies as a threat to the hip-hop jewelry industry, they saw the latter as a companion to the former that would lend a significant increase in sales to one another. What’s more, the customization of a luxury jewelry piece such as a pinky ring would further add to the unique sensibility that can’t be achieved by brand name clothing alone. Just as a gentleman with exquisite taste in suits would want to tailor his to his specific measurements, men’s fashion diamond rings shoppers definitely appreciate the option to customize their street style piece that Frost NYC would offer to them.


Due to the unprecedented success of Frost NYC’s men’s diamond ring collection, the web media is predicting that hip-hop jewelry will shape up to be a major force in the jewelry e-commerce arena. The website recently revealed plans to expand their Versace ring selection as a means of further breaking ground in the luxury jewelry industry. The goal is to provide a luxury designer experience to the street style jewelry lover that enjoys haute couture just as much as they love wearing it with their men’s pinky rings. After trying on these statement men’s diamond rings for size and getting used to them, Frost NYC anticipates that customers will be just as impressed with their men’s diamond ring designs as they have been with all men’s gold rings thus far. The idea behind this is that luxury hip-hop jewelry and e-commerce will become intertwined so that shopping that way will become commonplace.

 Two Finger Ring

 After seeing how online jewelry sales have flourished over the past year, it’s safe to say that both web media and jewelry insiders are open to Frost NYC’s business model of selling all men’s diamond rings to luxury consumers. The men’s diamond rings for sale mode of jewelry sales will propel the e-commerce industry as worthwhile competition to the brick-and-mortar retailers that pride themselves on having a monopoly on selling gold ring collections. Meeting the customer demand for more hip-hop jewelry will be the jewelry website’s main objective over the next season as they anticipate significant growth that will impact the industry over the forthcoming years--a feat that was borne out featuring a two-finger ring in Frost NYC’s ring collection.



March 06, 2017

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