Four Rappers That Are Changing The Fashion Game With Men’s Diamond Bracelet Designs


With a rep for rocking the iciest men’s diamond bracelets on the planet, today’s rappers are vying for the fashion GOAT crown.


In an industry that often hailed older cats like Sean Combs and Pharrell Williams as the best-dressed dudes in hip-hop, it’s no surprise that younger guys wanted fashionable guys of their generation to look to. While that era of rap royalty knows how to look good with a yellow diamond bracelet on their wrist, there’s been a call for younger rappers to get more shine for their style. With this era offering plenty of room for all kinds of artists to express themselves creatively, there have been a number of them that have stepped up to the plate to earn the crown as the Greatest Generation with the skills to show off their style. Check out the gold rope bracelet-wearing rappers of the new school who have no problem letting the world know that they are here to run things in this day and age.


Theophilus London knew that he had an uphill battle to climb when he first hit the scene. Other than Gucci suits and gold ID bracelets, no one was trying to see a rapper floss in designer labels that weren’t being shouted out in Biggie Smalls songs. Theophilus went against the grain by stepping out in wide brim hats and Clarks Lookbook shoes, making him a unique contrast to all the other rappers that were out at the time. His affinity for well-wrapped up scarves and men’s diamond bracelets is what made him one of the newest hip-hop cats to watch. Staying true to his own sense of designer style is what has earn him respect as one of the most influential dudes in the game right now.

 Hollow Franco Bracelet


Big Sean has come a long way since he was first feature on a Kanye West track. Once he finally got the glow-up from his rising success, he made sure the world know that he was here to stay with street style jewelry like men’s gold bracelets that looked as expensive as the lifestyle that he leads. Pairing baggy hoodies and roomy jackets with a Cuban link bracelet for that maximum bling effect has influenced his fans to rock a men’s diamond bracelet eBay would have on their site. The bold colors and prints of the new brands that Sean likes to rock makes his casual cool streetwear style look classy, thanks in large part to his taste wearing hip hop diamond bracelets like a Franco bracelet onstage at his concerts.


Street fashion and A$AP Rocky are as synonymous as a DJ Mustard beat on the radio. Mixing high fashion straight off the runway with streetwear swagger that only he can pull off, he’s inspired other rappers to wear men’s gold bracelets with their tailored threads. The rapper has never been one to play it low-key when it comes to showing out wherever he goes, so it’s no surprise that you’d see him in a men’s diamond Cuban link bracelet at the Met gala or a genuine diamond-studded grill at a movie premiere. Say what you will about Rocky, but he’s never conventional when it comes to flossing for fashion’s sake.

 Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet


Though newer cats like Young Thug are performing in gold lame pants and a rose diamond bracelet and posing on their album covers in Alessandro Trincone dresses, one thing remains clear: hip-hop is always good for influencing the direction of fashion. Gone are the days when street style only consisted of throwback jerseys worn by MCs or three-piece suits worn by ballers. Today’s rappers wear their clothes because they like it, regardless of whether it’s what everyone’s wearing or not. As a result, rap fans are shopping for that diamond bracelet for men for cheap prices that won’t break their bank.



March 06, 2017

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