Cop That Hip-Hop Grammy Style In Our Chain and Pendant Collection


Whether you favored tailored suits or off-the-runway threads at this year’s Grammys, real gold chains for men are sure to upgrade your street style.

 Gold Indian Head Piece

 If you’re one of the millions of people who tuned into the Grammys a few weeks ago, it’s safe to say that you saw your share of gold necklaces for men on the red carpet. Whether it was Rick Ross flossin’ in a 24k gold chain or Desiigner showing up his Jesus piece chain, rappers were showing out at the biggest music night of the year. We know that you want to incorporate that same box chain swagger into your dapper look, which is why we’re here to help you choose the best gold necklaces for men so that you can look just as fresh and clean as your favorite rapper. At Frost NYC, you’ll never want for any real gold chains for cheap that have that platinum quality that the biggest ballers in the game swear by. You can start by checking out how these dudes below made the biggest impression of the night so that you can do the same in a crown necklace from our urban jewelry selection.


When you think of Thom Browne, you think of a designer who has reinvented what it means to suit up. This was what most likely attracted Chance the Rapper to his gray two-piece look, which was a complete 180 from the streetwear styles that were represented on the red carpet. If a lasting impression is what you’re aiming for while marching to the beat of your own drum, look no further than a chain and pendant like an angel wing necklace on a 24k gold chain that is bound to complement your look.

 Gold Weed Leaf Pendant


If you’re the kind of trailblazer that still has appreciation for the classic suit separates, take a page out of Lil’ Yachty’s book. The hottest new star on the rap scene opted to stay true to his trap roots with his Kool-Aid red beaded braids and multicolor iced-out grill, while giving props to the timeless aesthetic with a white Nautica dinner jacket and slacks that flatter his slender frame. Instead of rolling with those basic gold necklaces for men, rock a gold weed leaf pendant with a traditional suit for that unexpected swagger that Yachty pulled off nicely at the Grammys.


Even though John Legend isn’t a hip-hop artist in the traditional sense, his insistence on breaking the fashion rules when it comes to how to floss on the red carpet reminds up of rappers who do the same. In this case, he rolled up to the red carpet in a simply tailored black Gucci suit that was accentuated by his salmon button-down shirt and bow tie. You can pull off the same casual elegance with a gold chain with cross like our cross necklace for men for an award-worthy look that will still stand up years later.


No stranger to blurring the lines when it comes to musical genres, super-producer, Diplo, also decided to do the same when it came to his red carpet look on the Grammys. Instead of wearing the typical tuxedo shirt and bow tie along with his tux, he slipped on a crew neck over the shirt for an unexpected twist of evening style. You’ll definitely find that wearing our ruby necklace with your classic suit will give your look that unexpected jolt that is synonymous with the change-the-game mentality of hip-hop.


Whatever chain and pendant you decide to invest in, know that our wide variety of hip hop real gold chains like a gold necklace will match your expectations when it comes to getting that Grammy-level of bling. After all, you deserve to floss like 2 Chainz did on the red carpet that night in a men’s gold necklace that caters to your love of bling. Fortunately for you, Frost NYC has plenty of 14k gold chains that will appeal to every kind of taste so that you’re never left wondering whether you’ll find a dog tag that’ll complement your shotcaller style. Be the dude that wears a gold chain with cross that is right home on the red carpet with your favorite rappers on the scene.


March 03, 2017

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