How To Buy A Mens Gold Pendant

Posted on February 06 2017

Knock Your Street Style Out The Box Like A$AP Rocky


Take a page out of the best-dressed rapper’s book by snapping up his Men’s Fashion Week style!


Are you looking for some street style inspiration when it comes to rocking your real gold hip hop pendants with your threads? The best way to take your look to the next level is to look to the one dude that always looks fresh to death from head to toe wherever he goes: A$AP Rocky. Having been a fashion darling since he stepped on the scene in his unapologetically dapper style and men’s gold pendants, he’s always good for showing up in designer suits and gold hip hop pendants. This season’s Men’s Fashion Week was no exception, as he let his fans and the jaded fashionistas know that he was going to kill it once again. Try out that same swagger in a sharp suit that flatters your frame and a gold cross and you’ll get on his level in no time.

 Mens Gold Cross


You’re probably wondering how a suit and real gold pendant for men can get you to that A$AP Rocky status of fashion game champ. Consider how much of an anomaly he was when he first came out in the beginning of the decade: a rapper in a Jesus piece who openly bragged about being a “Fashion Killa” while courting fashion industry darlings like Raf Simons instead of the mainstream designers that other rappers were collaborating with. Luckily, he knew that his knack for mixing big gold pendants with a J. W. Anderson jacket and tee would eventually set him apart from the rest of his peers. That unshakeable confidence is what you should channel the next time you’re wondering what to wear with your gold angel pendant. That inner fashion king that you tap into may just make you that Dior Homme campaign-worthy dude that’ll land you in the front row of the hottest shows around the world. 



A$AP Rocky knew that he had to live up to his “Fashion Killa” title when he accepted his invitation to Men’s Fashion Week, so he put together a wardrobe of hot to death kicks, cool furs, couture separates, and a throwback jersey to attend the shows in Paris. Street style dudes that use that time of year as the perfect opportunity to floss in their dog tags for men knew to step aside once he rolled up in Dior Homme fur bomber jacket, black slacks with suspenders hanging low, and a “They should just let us rave turtleneck. Everyone at the Dior Haute Couture show had their eyes on his look and his black and red Nike x VLONE Air Force 1 sneakers from start to finish--a feat that you can accomplish in a ruby pendant that’ll complement your own hip hop style king moment. 

 Mens Gold Dog Tag

Lest you think that hanging out with your friends is an excuse to let your style go, snap out of that mentality by checking out how A$AP Rocky manages to look like a baller even when he was enjoying his downtime between the shows. Gucci loafers paired with red trousers, plaid shirt, and a black suede coat was his go-to look when he was enjoying Paris with his new model girlfriend, Kendall Jenner. Take a page out of his book by accentuating your slacks and shirt combo with one of those marijuana leaf men’s gold pendants for an unexpectedly cool look that’ll set you apart from the rest of your boys while catching the eye of the fashionista that you’ve been trying to holler at for a minute. By the time you’ve gotten the hang of these A$AP-inspired outfits; you’ll be one of the hottest dressers on your block.


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