Floss One Of Our Diamond Chains With Your Suited Up Style



Upgrade your two-piece suit style with a blinged-out diamond hip hop chain.


When it comes to your suit style, you want to make sure that you complement it with accessories that best capture your taste. After all, it doesn’t make sense to pair fake diamond chains with a Dolce and Gabbana suit, so why would you short change your look with a subpar diamond angel pendant? Finding the perfect complement to your style is serious business, which is why it’s important to pick an iced out chain that will set it apart from the rest of the best-dressed men out there. Since your clothes say a lot about you, let the world know that you’ve got a sharp eye when it comes to picking out one of our men’s diamond pendants from Frost NYC’s urban jewelry collection. If you aren’t sure where to start accessorizing when it comes to complementing your suit-and-tie style, look no further than our gold diamond chain mens collection for plenty of ideas that you can work into your wardrobe.

 Iced Out Cuban Link Chain

Well-dressed men usually dress with the purpose of making a good first and last impression. Whether a man is suiting up to attend a fancy dinner or taking his lady out on the town, he should always use this opportunity to look his very best in a iced-out piece like one of our diamond dog tags. Men’s iced out chains may seem like a drop in the bucket of the overall swagger that you’re trying to achieve, it certainly works as that special ingredient that will make you feel like a baller in your suit. Take our diamond cross in our pendant collection, for example. It has that spiritual element with a healthy dose of blingtastic style that would bring out the best in that Hugo Boss suit that you’ve been wanting to wear for the longest. Pair it and your suit with a simple black turtleneck and you’ll be that dude with the custom diamond chains style that no one will ever come close to touching.


Diamond chains like our iced out Cubans are designed with flawless genuine diamonds and stunning gold that stand out beautifully against your best suits. Our jewelry design team is always committed to providing our loyal clientele with the highest quality of hip hop jewelry that you’ll ever find on the ‘Net, which is why we want to make sure that you choose the best men's diamond tennis necklace for you to wear with your Armani suit. After all, we want to make sure that you make a worthwhile investment in your style that you can enjoy for years to come. Even a more daring street style jewelry piece like our black diamond chains will be one that you’ll be able to with complete confidence in the same way that a lot of today’s stylish men do in a bold diamond Jesus piece that adds that new element to their suited-up style.

 Black Diamond Cross

Most important of all, don’t be boring when it comes to shopping for men’s iced out chains from Frost NYC. Sure you can play it safe with an understated key necklace, but part of the fun is in choosing gold diamond chains that’ll have other dapper dudes wondering how you were able to bring that new level of swagger to your suited-up style. As long as the jewelry design complements the cut of your suit, you’ll definitely be able to make things interesting by wearing it a unique jewelry piece such as a diamond ankh. In the end, choosing the best diamond hip hop chain to complement your taste is what’s most important when it comes to dressing to impress every time you step out in your suit. Shop wisely and choose the best custom diamond chains from our hip hop collection for you!

February 09, 2017

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