The Throwback Chain & Pendant Is Back In A Major Way


 Get ready to break out your favorite 14k gold chains because they're back on the street style scene.


They say that nostalgia waves come every twenty years and it certainly seems to be the case with men’s gold necklaces. As 90s mania is starting to fade away, early 2000s style is starting to stage a major comeback with the men’s pendants that you know and love, such as the ruby necklace on one of those men’s gold chains. After all, seeing Cam’ron with his Dipset crew flossing in their men’s 18k gold chains in the “Oh Boy” video is enough to want to break out your crown necklace. When you think of how many times you rocked your gold chain with cross with your throwback jersey like Jay-Z and Dame Dash used to do, it’s enough to put a smile on your face. Fortunately for you, right now is the best time to relive those memories of showing off your iced-out dog tag jewelry with your wardrobe.

 Diamond Dog Tag

At Frost NYC in in New York’s famous Diamond District, CEO, Arthur Ilyev, has just approved the pendant and chain collection that he will soon be launching on the popular jewelry website. Inspired by his memories of helping Cee-Lo Green pick one of the jewelry company’s real gold chains for men, he wanted to bring the spirit of unapologetic bling to his loyal clientele this go-round. “Back then, guys were all about rocking the Jesus piece chain with their white tee to make that ‘I-make-my-own-rules’ style statement,” he reminisces as he showcases the wide selection of men’s necklaces pendants that is scheduled to debut in less than a week. “A lot of that swagger has been missing from men’s jewelry and there’s no better way to recapture that vibe than with a men’s gold necklace collection that is dripping in genuine diamonds.”


 Jesus Piece Chain


While prices for these real gold chains for men vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars, Frost NYC plans on making it easy for budget-minded ballers to get their hands on their gold chains for cheap. “Not only did I design this collection for hot rap artists like the guys from Migos to wear on tour, I made some of the box chain pieces for someone who wants to dress like them without having to spend a ton of money,” explains Ilyev. The goal, he insists, is to revive the appreciation for men’s 18k gold chains that this generation had back when they were kids watching their favorite videos on 106th & Park. “You’re not just picking a random cross necklace for men to wear just once. You’re investing in valuable pieces that will eventually grow into an incredible collection of men’s pendants.”


Even though the gold necklace was once pushed to the backburner for other men’s jewelry styles, Frost NYC is bringing it back to the forefront so that it can also be enjoyed by the younger generation of bling enthusiasts who are discovering real gold chains for men for the first time. The result, Ilyev predicts, will be today’s hip hop style innovators who want to redefine and recreate the way to wear a chain & pendant. The impact is already starting to be felt, judging by the private appointment requests that are rolling in for Frost NYC. “We sent out an e-newsletter to our VIP clients that featured a new rendition of our classic angel wing necklace last week and we’re this close to being booked for the launch week.” While the average jewelry lover couldn’t have imagined that the 14k gold chains of the early 2000s would be coming back with a vengeance, Ilyev is sure that they’ll love this throwback-inspired Frost NYC collection as much as they loved their gold weed leaf pendant back in the day. “This time around, we’re going to make sure that our men’s gold necklaces are versatile enough to wear with more than just a wifebeater tank and baggy jeans.”



February 09, 2017

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