Floss Like Me: How Men’s Gold Bracelets Shine In Hip-Hop Videos


Behind every hot to death hip-hop video is a men’s Italian gold bracelet that blings the brightest onscreen.

 Gold Rope Bracelet


Ever since hip-hop hit the scene four decades ago, it’s been the game-changing tastemaker when it comes to what’s hot in the streets. Whether the hottest rapper of the moment is wearing a Cuban link bracelet or a throwback MC is rocking one of those gold bracelets for men, the genre has always made it clear that it has the final say on how everyone dresses to impress. This is definitely evident in almost every rap video that has been made from the Golden Age of Hip-Hop of the 80s to the trap music era of today, as they have that one integral thing in common: the unapologetic flaunting of blinged-out jewelry like a gold rope bracelet as a status symbol. Those videos don’t subscribe to the school of less is more, as they’ve always been aware that  they’re selling that aspirational aesthetic that influences anyone that wants to floss like them. You’d be hard-pressed to argue this fact when you consider these two memorable videos that live up to their reputation as the most blingtastic videos ever.


Twenty years ago, The Notorious BIG was determined not to fall into the sophomore slump that happened with so many rappers before him. His penchant for three-piece suits and men’s diamond bracelets rightfully earned him the rep of being the best-dressed MC in the game and he wanted to maintain that. With the help of super-producer, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, he took the hip-hop and fashion connection a step further by incorporating Versace and men’s 14k gold bracelets into his look for the video for his second album, Life After Death’s, first single, “Hypnotize”. Though the Italian designer and the hip-hop world seemingly had little in common, they became a match made in heaven from the minute that Biggie rocked his silk Versace shirt with a yellow diamond bracelet aboard a fancy speed boat. While “Hypnotize” featured him and Puff Daddy getting into shenanigans around town, the real draw was their couture style and men’s solid gold bracelets that many started to emulate after seeing this video skyrocket to the top of the charts.

 Mens Diamond Bracelet


A few years after that iconic video, Biggie’s protege, L’il Kim, decided to drop a classic video on her own. The second single off her sophomore album and tribute to her mentor, The Notorious K.I.M., “How Many Licks” featured the rapper in gold ID bracelets that complemented her bold, daring style. The Chanel earrings that she wore with her pink latex jumpsuit was her way of showing the world that she could rock edgy couture while maintaining her raunchy style. Another fly look of hers was a multicolored jean corset  and bright pink leggings with a rose diamond bracelet that balances high fashion and hood style effortlessly. Not only did L’il Kim establish herself as a hip-hop star that was also a hot commodity in the fashion world in “How Many Licks”, she paved the way for other couture-female rappers to floss like a star in their videos.


Needless to say, hip-hop videos have embraced the high-fashion aesthetic through designer clothes and luxury jewelry like men’s gold bracelets that the genre’s hottest stars wear in their videos. No longer is haute couture limited to supermodels on the runway during Fashion Week; rather, it is the true measure of how much a rapper is balling in the hip-hop world. Since The Notorious B.I.G. and L’il Kim made their designer fashion mark in their legendary rap videos, street style lovers have emulated that bold look by pairing a Franco bracelet with a Calvin Klein suit like Chance the Rapper or wearing plenty of men’s gold bracelets designs with their casual threads like the guys from Migos. It’s safe to say that the hip-hop video has put men’s gold plated bracelets on the map as the ultimate accessory to bling out any designer look.




February 16, 2017

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