Hip-Hop Ballers: Giving Props To The Best-Dressed Dudes In The Game



We’re showing love to the men’s rings wearing rappers who are running things when it comes to their style.

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One of the great things about hip-hop style is the impeccable way that it represents the street lifestyle. In addition to giving you a way to express yourself while looking like a boss, it has the power to influence the world through the hottest fashion trends and all men’s gold rings. Today’s hip-hop elite understands this very well, which is why you always see them rocking cool men’s rings with their designer brands. They know that their fans are going to want to cop those rings for men that they saw them wear in the blogs, so they floss that men’s ring with their sharpest threads. We know how influential today’s hip-hop elite is when it comes to street style, so we decided to give some shine to the ones that are making it happen in the fashion game.


Ever since Pharrell Williams blew up in the late 90s, he’s been known for pushing the envelope in fashion as well as creating experimental beats in the studio. He’s never been the kind of dude to play it safe when it comes to rocking all men’s diamond rings from his vast jewelry collection, so it’s no surprise that he’s inspired the world to think beyond the box when it comes to fashion. Whether it means wearing men’s fashion rings like a pinky ring or making a Canadian mountie uniform look cool, he gives his fans the opportunity to express themselves through unexpected fashion choices. Iconic athletic wear company, Adidas, saw this risk-taking quality in him and reached out to do a fashion collaboration with him that ended up being as big of a hit as his songs in the studio.


Superstar beatmaker, DJ Khaled, doesn’t play when it comes to flossing his style on social media. A known sneaker head with a passion for Jordans, millions of his loyal followers will peep him showing off his collection while flaunting a gold ring on his finger. They eventually hit up their favorite hip-hop jewelry store to get one of those men’s gemstone rings simply because they saw Khaled rock it in a post that he shared on Instagram. In addition to making beats for the clubs, he makes sure that the world is watching when it comes to what’s next in fashion. Don’t be surprised if you see him flaunting a two finger ring in the future.


Another hip-hop trendsetter in the world of fashion is Kanye West, hands down. Renowned for his love of labels as much as his appreciation for men’s rings, he’s always set fashion trends that have remained relevant for many seasons. In addition to bringing Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton to the streets, he’s taught streetwear loving dudes that rocking neutral sweats with a gold nugget ring is where it’s at when it comes to casual style in this day and age. To keep it real, it’s easy to see why Kanye is one of the kings of hip-hop fashion: he has the Midas touch when it comes to looking fresh to death from head to toe.


Although 2 Chainz launched his career based on his wearing two chains, he’s more than since proven his fashion cred by rocking other kinds of bling from diamond bracelets to men’s pinky rings. The rapper’s flashy style is a major part of his appeal, which is why he is right where he belongs on this list. Never shy about spending a lot of money on unique gold rings like a ruby ring, he’s shown the world that they should always reach for the stars when it comes to dressing like a baller. Wearing his money on his neck, wrist, or waist may seem a bit much for the average dude, but that’s a part of 2 Chainz’s charm--never dressing for less than what he’s worth.

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Whether you have a Versace ring budget or are building your men’s rings gold collection, the takeaway here is to be inspired by the fashion moves that these rappers are making in the industry. They walk a fine line between catering to the streets and appealing to the fashion crowd, which is why their looks are always hot to death from head to toe. The next time that you’re not sure whether you can get away with wearing that gold pinky ring that you’ve had your eye on for the longest, just think of how your favorite rapper wear his favorite men’s diamond ring with complete confidence and let that inspire you.


February 16, 2017

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