When you think of the phrase engagement ring, you probably pull up an image of an ecstatic woman with a glittering diamond on her left hand. You wouldn’t be far off in many scenarios, as for decades men have been offering women a diamond engagement ring to ask for their hand in marriage. 

But in the 21st century, people have delighted in upending some age-old traditions. One old standard that deserves to be revoked states that engagement rings are only for women. In today’s world, traditional ideas surrounding marriage and the ideals associated with it are passé. 

Happily, for many guys who like to wear their heart on their ring fingers, engagement rings for men are coming back in a big way. Here’s some more about the ancient traditions of swapping rings to commemorate and celebrate your upcoming nuptials. 

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History of Engagement Rings

Using a ring as a sign of your fidelity and love isn’t a new idea. It is suggested that the ancient Egyptians would wear rings on the third finger of their left hand to signify their commitment to another, as they believed that that finger contained a vein that went straight to the heart.

Romans and Greeks, as well, used rings that were either shaped like two clasped hands making the shape of a heart or a different take on the signet ring, including a stone in the middle of the precious metal. Although engagement rings aren’t new, men’s engagement rings are an exciting twist on a storied piece of jewelry. 

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A Modern Take on an Old Favorite

Using a ring to signify commitment and loyalty to another doesn’t just stretch back centuries; it is also a beloved tradition in many cultures worldwide. 

In South American countries like Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, it’s a common custom for both members of the proposed union to wear rings. They keep them on their right hands pre-nuptials and move the rings to the left after the ceremony: a lovely practice. 

The practice of offering a woman an expensive piece of jewelry as a token of love and fidelity, usually a solitary diamond in a band of platinum or gold, swelled considerably since the discovery of South African diamond mines in the 1880s.

However, with today’s focus on ethical and sustainable practices, and a new take on the age-old vows of marriage, engagement rings can look any way you want them to. If you enjoy the look and feel of jewelry like a Figaro chain, you may appreciate the satisfying gravity of an engagement ring. 

A Masculine Rendition of the Engagement Ring

Whether you enjoy wearing your engagement ring as a fashion statement, cherish it as a sign of commitment, or want to pass it down as a keepsake, there are subtle ways to tweak your ring to make it memorable.


When choosing the width of a man’s engagement ring, two critical considerations are whether you will add another ring during the wedding ceremony and what occupation the wearer is in. 

If you plan on using your engagement ring as your wedding ring, so much the better. However, if you plan on getting another ring, you should decide whether you’ll wear them stacked or on different hands. If you wear them stacked, opt for two narrow bands. 

As rings are considered high-impact pieces of jewelry, and therefore more vulnerable to damage, you should consider a narrower ring width if you have an occupation where you use your hands a lot. A wider ring band has a larger surface area, which could sustain impact, and it shows up dents and scratches more obviously than a narrower ring.

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The type of metal used to create an engagement ring will significantly affect its durability and longevity. The best options are yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. For a hypoallergenic choice, yellow gold is ideal and matches easily to a classic gold chain for men

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The style of a man’s engagement ring should reflect the personalities of you and your partner. They can complement one another, or you and your partner might opt for completely unique styles. 

Some commonly seen types of engagement rings are a simple band, with or without precious stones. If you don't like the look of gems or you’re not in a profession conducive to wearing something conspicuous much of the time, you can opt for exciting textures created by tooling or hammering the metal. 

As a nod to their more traditional predecessors, many men’s engagement rings will have one embedded stone or an inlaid circle of stones or another decorative material, such as mother of pearl, turquoise, wood, or different metals.  

To ensure you are getting the best selection of quality rings, visit reputable and experienced jewelers who offer both necklace chain repair and new purchases like matching rings. 

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Wrapping It Up

From the ancient Egyptians and Romans to the modern day, the ring as a symbol of love and dedication is a timeless classic. If you cherish the love and loyalty a ring symbolizes or you just really like the way matching rings look, there are dozens of ways to style and wear men’s engagement rings. 

May 24, 2021

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