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In the last few decades, men’s jewelry seemed to be restricted to only the flashiest, most popular figures in the world of hip hop, but the times are changing. Men’s jewelry has come a long way and spread its influence well beyond the boundaries of rappers and hip hop stars.

Although women’s jewelry tends to take the spotlight, men’s accessories like gold chains and watches can really add an extra somethin’ special to your dopest outfits whether you’re getting suited up or you’re rockin’ a simple white tee with jeans and Timbs. We’re bout it, bout it. So, we’ve rounded this guide to men’s jewelry to keep our dudes looking fresh to death and let all the homies know that men’s jewelry is here to stay. 

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The History of Men’s Jewelry

Early Days

Jewelry has been a part of human history basically since the beginning. Even in Neanderthal times, there is evidence that these relatives of homo sapiens would use teeth, bones, shells, and other items they scavenged to create unique accessories to adorn their bodies. To researchers, this was an interesting discovery because it shows a deeper level of thinking from the neanderthals than was previously thought. 

As modern humans evolved and settled in different parts of the country, they continued to use small, jewelry-like items to symbolize who they were and what role they held within their community. 

Jewelry continued to evolve throughout the centuries, as countless other groups of people from the ancient Egyptians to the Romans found new ways to create accessories. And, these accessories were not limited to women. Historically, jewelry has always been a way to announce your status and, in many cases, inform people of your success or power. 

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Modern Times

As human societies progressed into the 17th century, jewelry continued to be an important part of the way that humans costumed themselves and defined their positions in society. New technologies allowed for more precise and beautiful creations, and gemstones could now be polished and faceted. Gold and other precious metals could be crafted into certain shapes, and family heirlooms could even be engraved with important names or images. 

Between the 1500s and the 1600s, it was extremely common for men to be seen wearing a single earring—something that eventually went out of style before becoming popular again in our lifetimes. In the last few centuries, men’s jewelry tended to work as both a fashion statement and a functional item—for example, cufflinks.

As the 20th century progressed, a new era of celebrity was born; men’s jewelry experienced a revival; and musicians, actors, and other famous people began pushing the boundaries on fashion norms, encouraging men to find their own unique way to show off their personality through accessories. Wristwatches became particularly popular in the 19th and 20th century, as they are a great accessory to class up your outfit while also serving a purpose.

How to Wear Men’s Jewelry

Consider the Occasion

Picking out the right gold chains to rock with your outfit has a lot to do with where you’re going and what the dress code will be. For the dude who likes to accessorize before heading to his office job, you want to keep your jewelry subtle. 

man sitting with briefcase wearing watch

We love thick gold chains as much as the next baller, but in a professional setting this doesn’t always fly. You don’t want to flaunt your dopest pieces when you’re meeting with clients, colleagues, and supervisors. Instead, throw on a gold bracelet with a Rolex watch or even a simple but eye-catching ring with a precious gemstone. 

When you’re looking to party it up, you can get as flashy as you’d like, from blinged-out accessories to huge pendants. The only suggestion we have is not to over-do it. You don’t want to look like your gold chains are literally weighing you down. You should also try to match the colors of your metals to give your outfit a clean, finished look. For the days when you’re just chillin’ with the homies, you can break out a few gold chains or two, but consider wearing your thinner chains or ones without pendants for a laidback kind of look.

Pick the Metal You Prefer

It’s always good to have some variety in your jewelry collection, but most people tend to gravitate toward a particular kind of metal. Yellow gold gives your pieces a traditional look and let’s everybody know that, yeah, you are baller enough to afford some dope real gold chains. 

White gold, on the other hand, can be confused for silver sometimes because it has a similar appearance, but it’s just as valuable as yellow gold and may pop more against certain colors. If you own a white gold or silver watch, having a few white gold bracelets and chains to match is always a smart idea. Finally, rose gold is a somewhat new gold coloring, but it can be a fun addition to your usual jewelry selections. After all, real ballers wear pink. 

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Determine Your Level of Flashiness

While flashy is in right now, that doesn’t mean that you have to buy the flashiest piece of men’s jewelry that you can find. Yes, we’ve all seen T-Pain’s “Big Ass Chain” and Migos member Quavo’s custom Ratatouille chain, but that doesn’t mean you need to aspire to have the wildest chain out there. These celebrities have some of the most expensive chains in the game because they can, and they choose to rock a style that makes them stand out. 

style should represent personality quote

If you’re not down with all the bling, it’s cool. Find a style that works for you. Maybe you like the blinged-out bracelets but not the chain. Or you want a Rolex with diamonds on the bezel but not the entire watch. It’s all good—your style should represent your personality. On the other hand, if you are the kind of dude who wants the loudest chain in the room, that’s cool, too. Find a flashy blinged-out gold chain with a dope pendant and catch the eye of the ladies at the club. 

Be Confident

Fashion is about confidence. The most confidence you have in what you’re wearing, the more people will take notice, especially for dudes who like to push the boundaries of style. You should never decide not to wear something because of what other people think. Channel your inner Notorious B.I.G., who popularized the Jesus piece, and start your own trend. If you wear it with confidence, people will respect your style and may even want some fashion tips from you. 

Although confidence is key when it comes to trying a new look, you should keep in mind our previous tip about feeling out a situation. Your office job or an important event like a wedding may not be the ideal setting to start a trend. Play it safe and rock your look to the club, a concert, or when you’re hanging with the homies.

Men’s Jewelry Trends

Layering Gold Chains

The layered gold chain look is definitely popular among hip hop stars and athletes because it allows you to show off multiple styles at one time. What’s more baller than rockin’ five dope chains compared to just one? We approve of this look—if it’s done correctly. You don’t want to just pile on chain after chain to make it look like you’re trying to show everybody else up. 

Instead, it should look purposeful. Pick between three to five chains to wear and make sure that they’re all the same color metal. If you really want to try mixing metal colors, make sure that at least two of the five are the same type of metal. 

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Then, keep them separated by your other chains to create a pattern. Each gold chain should be a different length, so that none of them are covered by another piece. Try to select only one or two chains with pendants to shift people’s focus and prevent you from over-accessorizing. 

hands with mens rings and bracelets

Wearing Bracelets

When it comes to men’s jewelry, bracelets are the best subtle accessory. They can add to your going-out look if you’re already rocking a necklace, but they can also stand alone for a professional office look or a casual daytime accessory. 

When it comes to bracelets, gold and other metals provide a clean finish, but leather bracelets are also popular for men, as they can give you a more ruggedly, outdoorsy look. It all depends on what kind of style resonates with you. Bracelets can always be paired with a classy watch or a dope pair of cufflinks in more formal situations.

Earrings and Rings Aren’t Just for the Ladies

We tend to think of earrings as being a feminine accessory, but there are dozens of options for earrings for men that will have you looking flashy and fly. While women’s earring styles tend to focus more on hoop varieties and dangly styles that grab people’s attention, men’s earring styles are still showy (we want people to see our bling, right?), but with fewer added design features. 

If you want to add a little ice to your ears, we suggest going for a simple square- or circle-shaped studded earring that has been covered in diamonds—or whatever your favorite gemstone may be.

portrait guy wearing diamond earrings

Adding Gemstones

We’re not just talking about diamonds, here. The world of precious gemstones is vast, meaning there are tons of options when it comes to adding a little bling to your favorite pieces of men’s jewelry. 

Our favorite kind of jewelry to add gemstones to is definitely a ring. You can get a big ruby or sapphire as the centerpiece, then encircle this with some smaller diamonds to give your hand candy a lil’ pop. Don’t limit yourself to only adding different gems to your rings, though. You can get creative by adding colored gems to your watch, bracelet, or earrings or even customize a pendant for your chain. Let your sense of style out and find colors and stones that fit with your personality.  

Wearing Watches as a Fashion Statement

Although watches are an accessory with a purpose, most men strap on a watch as a way to show off their sense of style. I mean, honestly, we all have cell phones with a clock—you don’t need that watch to know what time it is. Watches are considered a more professional or sophisticated kind of accessory, so definitely rock this look if you’re headed to the office or a big, important event. To class it up, match your favorite bracelet or ring with your watch.

get yourself a rolex quote

Most men who are watch collectors have more styles than they know what to do with. It’s cool; we get it. But, if you’re not messing with Rolex, you’re not on the top of your watch game. For decades, Rolex has symbolized the epitome of style and class because the brand makes top-quality, highly precise pieces that also make you look dope af. Get yourself a Rolex (and add some bling to it while you’re at it) to really take your collection of men’s jewelry to the next level.

Make a Statement with Your Accessories

Men’s jewelry has made a major comeback in the last few decades, with more and more dudes looking to rock everything from gold chains to iced-out earrings. If you’re one of those ballers who wants to switch up your look with some accessories or you just want to add new pieces to your already growing collection, follow some of our tips to wearing jewelry like a straight-up boss. As long as you match your jewels to the dress code, you can definitely get creative and let your personality shine through your accessories.

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August 19, 2020

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