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You know we always hit you with the dopest styles when we shine our product spotlight, and this month is no different. We’ve been talking a big game about the Cuban link necklace but, now, we want to focus on the gold Cuban link bracelet because its design is simple, sleek, and subtle enough to be worn every day but flashy enough to flex on all the homies.

If your hip hop jewelry collection is limited to just chains, you’re missing out on the world of other accessories—specifically, the bracelet. Here are our reasons why we think every fly dude needs a Cuban link bracelet and how to pull it off.

The Cuban Link Bracelet

This accessory should be in every baller’s jewelry collection. It’s one of our favorite gold bracelets for men because it has the classic, oval-shaped links that look simple and fresh. When paired with a flashier, more blinged-out necklace, or even ring, it tones down the outfit and adds a subtle element without making all of your pieces too in-your-face. You can wear it to the office for an important daytime meeting and keep it on when you go home to get pimped-out and hit the club on a Friday night.

How to Style Your Gold Cuban Link Bracelet

  • Layer Your Chains

If you’re not wearing the Cuban link bracelet solo, you should consider rockin’ a few of your favorite chains with it. But, if you’re going to layer up on necklaces, you don’t want to be looking a fool by just throwing whatever necklaces you own around your neck. Wear chains of varying sizes, so that none of them overlap, allowing people to take notice of each individual chain in all its iced-out glory. We prefer for our metals to match when layering chains, but if you want to experiment with mixing yellow and white gold chains, make sure it looks patterned and purposeful.

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  • Wear It with a Watch

There’s no easier way to draw attention to your iced-out new Rolex than by throwing a Cuban link bracelet on next to it. The extra shine from the watch and the bracelet attracts people’s eyes, then, the closer they look, the more they’re like, “Oh shit, this dude is fly.”

The Rolex with Cuban link bracelet is one of our favorite combos. If you’re not comfortable wearing them on the same wrist, you can break it up with one on each and still be having people ask you about your wrist candy all day and night.

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  • Keep Your Wrists Visible

One of the reasons that a lot of dudes prefer to sport their gold chains over their gold bracelets is because chains are easier to see. And, if you’re stepping out in a chain from our gold jewelry collection, you are definitely gonna wanna be seen.

But, men’s gold bracelets can draw attention, too, as long as you pay attention to your shirt selection. Cuban link bracelets look great with a suit, but if the sleeves are too long for you, no one is going to see your best asset—your jewelry. Try to opt for shirts that allow your wrists to be seen if you’re trying to show off your bracelets.

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Conducting a certified appraisal is also typically necessary before purchasing jewelry insurance, which can help keep your most valuable pieces safe from theft, damage, and even loss.

Why We Love the Cuban Link Bracelet Right Now

The Cuban link style is our top gold bracelets for men look right now because it’s easier to wear with any outfit while still showing off your fresh-to-death style. It can help dress up flashier pieces in your collection or give you just a subtle sense of luxury.

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    August 12, 2020

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