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There are many reasons necklaces are timeless pieces of jewelry. Their simplicity, versatility, and attractive design make them perfect for everyday wear. 

A strong gold chain is a staple for your collection. When you invest in a high-quality chain, you want to be certain it will last for years, which is why selecting a durable necklace chain is so critical. 

What to Consider When Looking for a Necklace Chain

Necklace chain repair can be costly and requires you to part with your favorite piece for the repair duration. To avoid incurring additional costs, it’s best to shop for a durable necklace chain, making it a one-time investment. For the strongest necklace chain for your needs, keep the following in mind:

  • Link Type

Gold chains are made of interlocking links, making them flexible so they can twist and bend without breaking. The strongest chain necklaces won’t break easily when folded or twisted.

  • Thickness

The thicker a chain is, the more durable it will be. The thickness of a chain depends not only on your style but also on adding a pendant. A strong necklace chain is necessary for supporting the weight of a heavy pendant. 

  • Independent Links

Soldering is a jewelry technique in which gaps in chains are repaired so the chain is more durable. Since the links are more interconnected and gaps won’t form, the chain won’t strain. Some chains are not easily soldered, so you must choose your necklace chain carefully. 

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The Strongest Necklace Chain Types

With a wide variety to choose from, it can be challenging to select the strongest necklace chain. Knowing which one to choose can help you ensure you get the best product for your money. 

  • Mariner

Inspired by the chains attached to the anchors on ships, each oval link in the Mariner chain has a horizontal bar across the center, preventing it from twisting and tangling. Its links are bigger compared to its size, making them an excellent choice if you want a long-lasting piece of jewelry. This gives it a distinctive appearance that appeals to both men and women. 

The thicker chains are appealing to men, while the more delicate versions are best for women. They can be worn independently, but they are also ideal for adding charms or pendants and are made to last. 

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  • Curb Chain

Curb chain necklaces have soldered, interconnected links and are already thick and heavy, making them more durable. They are made to lie flat because they are interlocked. 

Thicker Curb chain necklaces look more masculine, making them appealing to men, although delicate Curb chain necklaces are becoming more fashionable in women’s jewelry. You can wear them with a pendant, but they already stand out on their own. 

  • Figaro Chain

Figaro chains are long-lasting and strong, made with thick, soldered links. The links alternate between a single longer link and two or three shorter ones. The Figaro chain is suitable for both men and women. Frost NYC offers Figaro chains for any occasion where you want to rock a gold chain with style. 

This is one of the heavier chains that can withstand some force, and it is simple to replace a broken link. You can wear a chain like this with any of our gold pendants, yet its appealing design makes it perfect for wearing on its own. 

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  • Miami Cuban Link

A Miami Cuban Link chain is a stylish and robust choice. At Frost NYC, we offer Miami Cuban Link chains in 10k yellow or white gold, with fully customizable widths and lengths. For a sturdier chain, select a width at the top end of our 5.5mm to 13mm range. These chains are made of flat, round links with beveled edges for a beautiful effect with a masculine flair. A Miami Cuban Link is a fantastic gold chain for men who want to make a statement. 

  • Franco Chain

A Franco chain is a durable option that’s ideal for wearing a heavy pendant. The distinct V-shape pattern of this chain is easily one of the strongest chains on the market because the links have four extra sides. Inspired by the Curb or Cuban links initially, a Franco chain retains the bold, chunky appeal of a Miami Cuban Link but with a sturdier, rounder appearance. 

  • Rope Chain

A Rope chain’s aesthetic is inspired by the structure of a traditional rope, but with a glamorous twist. A Rope chain is a strong choice for a necklace, especially if it’s thick because the links do not have a breaking or bending point, so, if the chain is twisted or folded, it won’t snap. Besides being durable, rope chains are some of the heaviest you can choose from and are highly textural. 

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Invest in a Chain Made to Last

You deserve a gold chain that’s stylish, durable, and worth the investment. At Frost NYC, we carry an extensive collection of gold jewelry for any budget. With a wide range of products for men and women in both white and yellow gold, you can be sure you’ll find a piece that fits your fashion sense and looks fantastic. 

All our pieces are crafted by skilled jewelers and feature a high-quality finish to keep your investment gleaming. Shop by collection on our website to find the perfect piece for you or a loved one.

June 19, 2021

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